Adam Rippon Is America’s Sassy Skating Champion

Adam Rippon (and fellow skater Mirai Nagasu) helped win the bronze medal in the team skating event, but he’s winning more than bronze at “Funny Olympic Interview Commentary!” He’s already had a breakout performance in interviews, where his charming excitement and candid commentary made him a darling on NBC and Twitter.

U.S. Skating / Twitter

Let’s just say that Adam Rippon is really excited to finally be an Olympian. He was left off the team in 2010 and 2014 (just like Mirai Nagasu) after slipping behind other qualifying skaters at the Olympic trials. Rippon and Nagasu kept working and qualified for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang. Rippon had an amazing performance with a powerful free skate to Coldplay on Monday in the Gangneung Ice Arena and helped secure third place for Team U.S.A.

Rippon’s awesome performance continued in interviews, where he admitted that he gave himself a lot of pep talks. Rippon was unafraid to talk about how excited he was to finally bring it at the Olympics. We’re all Adam Rippon—well, except for the ice skating. And the hard work. And the international acclaim. Okay, Adam Rippon is the sassy, lovable ice-skating best friend. Of our dreams.