You Have to Watch Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” Opener from Coachella

We still can’t stop thinking about Beyoncé’s transcendental performance at Coachella last weekend. The incredible two-hour show was a testament to black music, social justice, and the uplifting power of art. Unfortunately, it’s no easy to experience this masterpiece of pop theater! If you missed Coachella or didn’t watch the livestream, there are only a few videos available. So you know you have to watch Beyoncé’s opening number, “Crazy in Love,” while it’s on YouTube!

We have to thank YouTuber JoanJetsetter for sharing her amazing experience at Beychella. Beyoncé slays “Crazy in Love” with dozens of dancers and a full marching band at her back. Check out this fierce performance while it’s still up on YouTube.