Will and Kate Begin Life With New Royal Baby Boy

Kate Middleton and Prince William have returned to Kensington Palace after the Duchess gave birth to her third child last week. If not for the upcoming wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this would have been the royal event of the year; in this case, we’re sure that Will and Kate are glad to be out of the limelight for once! The healthy baby boy, yet to be named, is fifth in line for the throne and the first boy in British history who won’t cut ahead of his older sister.

The newest member of the Windsors skipped ahead of Prince Harry in the line of succession, behind Prince Charles (his grandfather), Prince William, and his older brother and sister. Before the Succession to the Crown Act in 2013, the new baby boy would have jumped ahead of his older sister! Now the line of succession made it official that the throne falls to the oldest, not just boys. (Took a while!)

The baby boy arrived with a staggering level of media attention and royal pageantry, complete with a “town crier” announcing his arrival outside of St. Mary’s Hospital! The family is now back in Kensington Palace. Family friends and royal watchers are confidant that the couple is thrilled to introduce a new baby brother to older siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Welcome to the family!