How To Know When You’ve Got Chemistry Online

If you’re like us, you’ve tried a dating app. You like their profile picture (super hot) and you’ve chatted a bunch (super funny), but every time you go on a date you’re taking a chance that you won’t connect in real life.

No chemistry.

No matter how well it’s gone up until you meet for the first time you won’t know if you have chemistry. Chemistry isn’t an exact science. (Well, chemistry is an exact science, but you know what we mean.) There’s an ineffable mingling of physical and emotional indicators that we can’t capture over a text—and that’s hoping that your date hasn’t lied to you! But there are signs of potential chemistry that we can look for over text that can help weed out the least compitable options.

Once you’ve swiped right, your first clue that you’re going to have great chemistry is your match’s communication style. Obviously this holds true for when you’re on a date, but texting comes first. This isn’t just about having a conversation, either. If you’re composing love poems and they’re replying with monosyllables, you’re going to have trouble in person. If you love cute emojis but they’re blasting all caps, it’s not a good sign. Texting can reveal a lot about a person, and listen to your instincts. If you don’t like seeing seven exclamation points in a text, you’re probably not going to like their personality.

Now that’s chemistry.

Another important sign of interest is that your match replies promptly. Don’t stress if they don’t reply immediately, but they should always reply within 24 hours. Once you’ve started a conversation, gather more information about your match. Shared interests and passions, similar life phases, and similar taste in date spots are all signs that the two of you are going to hit it off. Then it’s time to let the magic happen in real life—and don’t be worried if it’s a swing and a miss. Chemistry isn’t an exact science!