Men: Don’t Skimp On The Chores If You Want a Good Relationship

We know that no one likes doing chores, but the burden of housework still falls mainly on women and it has serious consequences for our romantic and sexual relationships. The worst offender and the one chore people hate the most? Doing the dishes.

New research revealed by the Council on Contemporary Families, a nonprofit foundation that studies family dynamics, concludes that almost everyone hates washing dishes. We get it. It feels pointless; unlike other housework like mowing the lawn or a deep clean, washing dishes is a constant trial. You just finished dinner and all you want to do is kick back and relax. Unfortunately, the CCF report shows that sharing dishwasher duty is important to maintaining a happy family.

In all too many cases, putting off doing the dishes really means that women do all the work. Women with male partners report they have decreased relationship and sexual satisfaction if they’re doing the majority of the dishes. (Maybe because Mr. Boyfriend isn’t very attentive.)

No one wants to do housework, but it’s important to share the load, communicate clearly, and don’t leave the dishes in the sink! Washing dishes is a small price to pay for a better sex life.