Prince William Will Be Best Man at Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

Prince Harry has asked his older brother, Prince William, to be best man at his upcoming wedding to Meghan Markle next month. Kensington Palace announced the news on Thursday. We can’t say we were surprised–after all, Prince Harry was best man for his brother at his wedding in 2011!

The Royal Wedding in 2011

The two princes have been close ever since their mother, Princess Diana’s, tragic death in 1997. They’ve provided each other with support in the face of intrusive public scrutiny, royal duties, and personal struggles. Now, we’re glad that they’ve found such amazing partners. Will and Kate seem thrilled to invite Meghan Markle into the family!

Prince William will have a lot on his plate in May. Earlier this week, the prince and his wife celebrated the birth of his third child, a healthy baby boy. It’s under a month until Harry and Meghan’s wedding on May 19th, but we’re sure that Prince William will be there come hell or high water. (Having a few staff members on hand to help juggle the children might take a little bit of the load off, we’ll admit.) In any event, we’re sure that the two princes are excited for the big day.