Why Princess Eugenie Probably Won’t Get a Prenup

Princess Eugenie of York is heading to the altar with her boyfriend of seven years, Jack Brooksbank, but it’s unlikely she’ll be signing a prenup. Despite the historic riches accumulated by the Royal Family, members of the House of Windsor don’t sign prenuptial agreements intended to protect the (literal) family jewels. Prenups might be a common occurrence before celebrity weddings in the U.S. of A., but they don’t hold a lot of weight in Mother England!

In case you’re wondering, Prince Eugenie is the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York. She’s the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and a celebrated wearer of amazing hats (fascinators FTW!) (According to our new Meghan Markle Royal Family Scale II, she’s “Meghan Markle’s Cousin-in-Law.”) She got engaged to her handsome beau, Jack Brooksbank, back in January of this year.

Since then, Royal Watchers have been wondering if the Princess would get a prenup! It’s rumored that she has over $4 million in personal assets based on a private trust fund established by her great grandmother, the Queen Mother.

However, experts have weighed in and concluded that’s it’s not likely. First, prenups are rare in the United Kingdom. Unlike in the U.S., they don’t hold a lot of water in British courts. In the event of a divorce, Judges might consider a prenup but it’s NOT legally binding! Second, the Royal Family doesn’t do prenups. The House of Windsor’s most prestigious properties and other assets are held by the public or the family as a whole, not individual members. No one’s going to split Buckingham Palace down the middle in the event of a nasty split!

Courts in the U.K. might have the right idea; if a marriage is supposed to be a partnership, why should one partner get to write the rules about how the money’s going to be divided? Signing a contract dictating how you’re going to break up in the future is not the most romantic gesture.

Either way, we can’t wait for Princess Eugenie’s wedding—and for the wedding fascinators!