Swipe On Campus With Tinder U

Tinder operates on the basic principle of “hot or not,” offering users a plethora of potential hookups in your area. For some, the array of choice can be daunting—or even dangerous. Catfishing is a real possibility when you’re heading out for a random hookup. Tinder’s not exactly a discerning dating app. On the other hand, more detailed dating apps can narrow down your field a little too much. Tinder U promises a more filtered swiping experience, but also reminds us that the best dating app is just shared interests—and the best time for casual hookups is in college.

Tinder U is a filtered version of the popular app designed for college students in the U.S. You log into Tinder and add your official .edu school email to your account to prove that you’re in school. You’ll need to wait to be verified before you can use the new location-based service. The new mode doesn’t limit you to your own school, plugging in to a network of college campuses in your area. (We assume this is intended to keep out unwanted users from creeping on college students.)

The funny thing about Tinder U is that it’s just, well, college. “Tinder OG” was a simple but tiresome tool that promised to widen your pool of potential dates, filtered (frankly) by first glance. Tinder U acknowledges the basic fact that most people are looking for peers roughly their own age that share a few things in common—like the fact they’re going to the same college.