YouTuber Creates “Furby Organ” and It’s Just as Crazy as It Sounds: VIDEO

Hacker, engineer, and musician Sam Battle has assembled a singing Furby organ that is one part adorable, one part horrifying, and one part mad genius. It took seven years of design and construction to build. You won’t believe your eyes when you take in this bizarre creation!

Battle assembled 44 Furbies and wired each toy to a central mainframe mounted to an electronic keyboard. The build required an impressive amount of custom software and wiring. Using the dials, switches, and keyboard, a musician can “play” the Furbies like an organ. Each creepy furball can emit specific vowels and notes, drawing on the toy’s repertoire of spoken words and sounds.

Battle does a great job explaining his crazy idea and showcasing an impressive piece of engineering, but he’s also having a lot of fun playing on the uncanny appearance of the Furbies. He talks like the toys are alive, albeit with a wicked grin on his face! The on-off switch is called “Collective Awakening” and watching all of the little monsters wake up, blinking and twitching their ears and moaning an chirping is…horrifying. This is “Five Nights at Freddy’s” come to life.

Check out this incredible build and crazy music below and find more on Battle’s YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer.