Couple Sold Everything To Sail Around the World And Boat Sinks in Two Days

This sounds like an article on The Onion, but it’s all too true. Nikki Walsh, 24, and Tanner Broadwell, 26, quit their jobs, sold everything they owned, and cashed in their savings to buy a sailboat to travel the world. Two days after they started the couple’s boat sank off the coast of Florida.

While their sailboat capsized and sank, this couple’s dreams crashed and burned. Ouch.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the couple were from Colorado and spent almost $10,000 to purchase and then upgrade a 49-year-old-boat called the Lagniappe. Broadwell and Walsh then learned how to sail on a voyage from Alabama to Florida. The next leg of their journey was supposed to be the Gulf Coast en route to circle the world.

That’s when disaster struck. The Lagniappe ran aground on a sandbar near John’s Pass in Florida on February 8. According to locals, even experienced sailors have trouble with the shifting sandbars especially after a storm has passed through the channel. Sounds like the inexperienced couple were already in over their heads.

The couple had to abandon ship with their dog, Remy, and made it to a rescue ship. Unfortunately, Walsh and Broadwell lost most of their possessions and their life savings (although they did retrieve their IDs and a little cash). Adding insult to injury, they now have to pay for the removal of the capsized vessel from the channel. Worse, the couple does not have insurance.

The couple plans on buying another boat as soon as they can.