Puppy Suffocates on United Flight, Prompting New Bill to Protect Pets

After a French bulldog puppy named Kokito suffocated aboard a United Airlines flight on Thursday, two United States senators have introduced a bipartisan bill to protect flying pets. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy and Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto have tabled the Welfare Of Our Furry Friends Act, or W.O.O.F.F., to prohibit airlines from putting any animals in overhead compartments and expand protections for our fuzzy companions.

In case you missed the tragic news, the Senators were spurred to act in the aftermath of a tragic incident last week. A flight attendant unknowingly put a dog carrier with a live puppy in an overhead bin on a United flight from Houston to New York. The flight attendant claims that she didn’t know there was a live dog in the carrier at the time and, ironically, United policy already prohibits putting animals in overhead bins. This is yet another case of terrible publicity for United!

United Airlines has promised to use brightly colored tags to help passengers and attendants keep track of carriers with pets that shouldn’t be put in the overhead compartment. Hopefully the W.O.O.F.F. Act goes even further and requires airlines to truly keep our pets safe in the future.