The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

In many parts of the world, hotel reservations plainly revolve around typical room service, fresh juice upon arrival, continental breakfast in the morning and a double bed. While these are the standard procedures even in some of the best five star hotels in the world, it completely becomes nothing when compared to some of the craziest hotels in the world.

Believe it or not, there’s a hotel in a certain corner of the world that has among its features; the perfect view of the Aurora Borealis from igloos built with glass! Isn’t that interesting? Well, how about spending a night in an underwater palace right in the bed of the ocean? If that isn’t crazy enough to tickle your traveling fantasies, you probably would want to stay in a hotel built completely of salt or ice because these hotels aren’t just among the craziest in the world, but are also among the most spectacular you’ll ever come across.

There’s no doubt that staying in one of these hotels is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – a memory that you’ll cherish forever. And do you know why? They provide unique and totally mind-blowing vacationing experience. Spending a night in one of these hotels will make you question and reconsider the way you’ve been traveling. They’re far from the hassle that often revolves around finding the cheapest room in town. If you have to learn one thing from these crazy hotels, it should be that it’s the experience that is mostly important.

25. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Has one of the most desirable and enchanting destination in Kenya, the Giraffe Manor is home to a number of endangered giraffes. It’s a unique hotel that can accommodates a small group of guests, as well as support a special breeding program that focuses on reintroducing breeding pairs of giraffes back into the wild so as to secure the future of this unique species.

These friendly giraffes make this East African hotel a bizarre, yet a uniquely nostalgic historical establishment, dating back to the colonial period. You shouldn’t probably be surprised when these sociable giraffes join you at the table and lick your sumptuous food empty.