The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

12. Hotel Montana Magica, Chile

Deep in southern Chile, there lies a strange volcano-like building that spews water instead of lava from its ultimately welcoming windows that are decorated with moss, vines and surrounding trees. It looks exactly like a place where Avatar and the Ewoks would be really proud of. It’s known as the Montana Magica Lodge; a quite extraordinary hotel that’s hidden away from the world.

Located right at the center of a 300,000-acre private nature reserve, Montana Magica offers guests the chance to experience something straight from the fictitious Middle Earth. Everything else inside the hotel may be quite normal, but the surrounding is unbelievably unusual. From outdoor hot-tubs peeking out from the walls of a waterfall to the unusual wild animals in the vicinity, Montana Magical is exceptionally and rightly magical. The problem is; this strange hotel is only accessible by foot and you’ll have to brave a swinging rope bridge to enter. Are you ready for that?