The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

10. Capsule Hotels, Japan

The people of Japan are among the most creative humans in the world. So having got bored with fancy traditional hotels and inns, the Japanese came up with the idea of capsule hotels. These are plastic tubs set in a sci-fi way to offer comfy sleeping mini hotel rooms with a bed, light, a window and in some places, even a TV.

Capsule hotels were introduced in Osaka in 1979 with “the “Capsule Hotel Osaka” being the first one. It offered capsule-like tiny apartments in the city’s bustling Umeda District before the trend spread to other parts of the country. Unlike any other form of accommodation, capsule hotels are very compact, futuristic and look like a bunch of capsules stack in one big room. So next time you visit Japan and want a budget-priced lodging, you could always stay at a capsule hotel.