The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

24. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

This amusingly named hotel is located right in the heart of Idaho’s Camas Prairie in the United States and was actually created for any dog lover in the world. Visiting this hotel will give you the chance of sleeping inside the world’s biggest Beagle, which is peculiarly named as ‘Sweet Willy.’

The 30-foot-high Beagle can sleep four people in its two-bedroom bed and breakfast lodges, as well as offer accommodations for pets. While in there, there’s a chance of enjoying the wildly popular dog-shaped delicacies such as the dog-shaped biscuits that are left on their pillows. This dog-themed wonderland has everything you’d want or find in a dog except for the toilet that’s aptly disguised as a massive red fire hydrant.