The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

5. Grand Canyon Caverns Suite, Arizona

Have you ever envisaged spending a night in the oldest, darkest, largest and quietest cave in the world? Well, that’s what the Grand Canyon Caverns Suite offers and should definitely be on top of your traveling wish list especially if you’re planning to take the world famous Route 66 road trip. Located along Route 66 in Northern Arizona, this a far-fetched hotel that’s 220 feet below ground in a cave that took approximately 65 million years to form.

Known as the largest dry cave in the United States, the Grand Canyon Caverns Suite will offer you accommodation like no other. This place is so dark that there’s not even a chance of any natural light. It’s so quiet because there are no forms of life inside. “No fly, no mouse, no animal, no nothing. The only thing that’ll be moving is you.” That’s right, because there’s only one room that can sleep up to 8 people.

While the room is completely furnished with almost all the amenities that you’d need, there’s no Wi-Fi, TV or mobile signal because the place is so remote. Your only hope of assistance is an employee who is stationed on the top ground just in case you need some little help. This should give you a proper idea as to why it’s billed as “one of the 10 most unusual places in the world to sleep.”