The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

4. Sala Silvermine Underground Suite, Sweden

Forget about the Crane Hotel in Amsterdam that suspends guests 150 feet high above the ground on an old crane, there’s an unusual hotel that sends its guests 509 feet below the ground to sleep! Known as the Sala Silvermine Underground suite, this eccentric Swedish hotel has a suite far beneath the earth’s surface that can only be accessed through a mine lift shaft.

Being one of the best preserved historic mine settings; Sala Silvermine has dark winding galleries, huge caves and magic lakes, which makes the place cold, dark, but also completely sensational. In its heydays, this mine was known for producing huge amounts of silver, but that’s far from what it is today: a quirky hotel that uses lamps to light up the area and with not even a little chance of mobile signal down there. It’s unquestionably the world’s deepest hotel room.