The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

23. The Balancing Barn, England

Balancing on the edge of a nature reserve and looking as if it’s just about to actually tip over, the Balancing Barn is a hillside hotel that magnificently strikes a balance between work and play in life. This is definitely a fine example of a harmonious existence between modern architecture and nature.

Located in Suffolk, England, the Balancing Barn can only house 8 people, but will offer lodgers the best views from its elegant windows that are framed by high-tech metallic tiles. This one-of-its-kind hotel has won several design awards not just for its uniqueness, but also for peacefully standing alongside a nature reserve. The Balancing Barn is totally invisible from the nearby road, offers a lovely view over a small lake and is ingeniously designed with an immense ‘wow’ factor.