The Top 25 Craziest Hotels in the World

22. CasAnus Hotel, Belgium

Most of us often associate Belgium with not many things other than chocolates. But that’s before you sample some of the strangest hotels from around the world. Believe it or not, there’s a gut wrenching hotel in a small island between Belgium cities of Antwerp and Ghent known as Hotel CasAnus. This hotel may sound horrendous, but don’t be worried; that’s as far as the exterior is concerned.

This is a hotel with an exterior that’s shaped like an enormous human intestine. In other words, the hotel is designed to look like a large human colon complete with a giant replica of an anus. Even though not everyone would be so interested in spending a night inside a structure shaped like a human digestive system, this hotel has actually been attracting a large number of tourists. We can’t be sure whether this attraction is based on the services provided inside or the exterior outlook. Nonetheless, we believe it has something to do with its exterior shape.