Ultramodern Norwegian Cabin Is the Alpine Getaway of the Future

The Cabin Vindheim is the alpine getaway of the future—an ultramodern luxury cabin near Lillehammer, Norway, that is intended to emerge out of the snow like a living part of the winter landscape. We wish this is was our next winter skiing trip!

This chic chalet is the brainchild of Håkon Matre Aasarød, a member of the Vardehaugen architecture studio. It looks like a snowbound cottage, with just the inclined roof emerging from thick banks of white snow, but that is just an illusion intended to awe and amuse hikers that stumble across the property. The severe exterior is clad is in black-stained pine like the ice-locked trunks of the nearby trees. The interior, however, is the epitome of Scandinavian design, balancing warm intimacy with cool style: honey-colored poplar, numerous windows, and spacious shelving.

While the cabin is just 592 square feet, the large windows and skylights ensure that the interior feels open and inviting. Solar power and a stylish wood oven warm up the residents after a hard day skiing and hiking. Bask in the stunning mountain views.

We imagine that stumbling on the stark exterior emerging out of the crystalline snow is like discovering the winter chalet of a Silicon Valley tech mogul or a Bond villain, but we’d still love to stay at Cabin Vindheim. The steep roofing serves another purpose, too: your own personal ski and sledding hill. Yes, we’re sold—unfortunately the cabin isn’t available for rent or vacation. Yet. These pictures from Vardehaugen will have to suffice for now, at least until we can plan our next skiing trip to Norway.