Watch a Crazy Airport Collision in Turkey: VIDEO

They say that flying is the safest way to travel, and “they” are right: it’s way safer to fly than it is drive, take the train, or even ride your bike. The numbers don’t lie. Just keep that in mind when booking your next flight after you watch this brief video of a collision on the runway at Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Sunday.

Watch as an Asiana Airlines Airbus A330-300 drives straight through the rear of a Turkish Airlines Airbus A321! The Asiana airliner pulls the tail right off of the A321 and swings the entire plane to the side in what must have been one massive jolt for the passengers. According to reports, the Turkish Airlines A321 was sitting almost 100 feet away from its intended parking spot—which means that it was hanging out into an active taxiway. The Asiana aircraft was about to depart for Seoul and was taxiing as normal. (Unsurprisingly, that flight was cancelled.)

We can’t even imagine what it would have been like for the passengers to feel a massive shock ripple through the body of their aircraft! (Shiver!) These incidents aren’t even all that rare—as airports around the world get busier and busier, collisions are bound to happen. There were two “fender benders” on the taxiway at J.F.K. in the last six months alone.

Thankfully, nobody on either airplane was harmed but both suffered serious damage. Airport emergency personnel had to douse a fire on the rear vertical stabilizer of the Turkish Airlines plane. Take a look in this clip from AV Web.