25 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

16. Lumberjacks

Deep in the woods, lumberjacks – or loggers for that matter – are tasked with cutting, harvesting and transporting trees and logs. These are men and women who brave vicious environments and put their lives Ion the forefront in ensuring that enough timber is cut to build mighty nations. It’s a noble occupation that revolves around cutting gigantic trees using sharp saws and involves working around heavy machinery often in bad weather and sometimes in high altitudes. The work is brutal, back breaking and very dangerous.

So it comes has a no surprise that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) recently reported 104 deaths directly from logging; a statistic that makes it one of the highest on-the-job mortality rates per 100,000 workers. That’s because falling trees as well as mean machines that are designed to slice and cut huge timber can crash, kill or instantly maim.

In essence, lumberjacks are thirty times more likely to meet their deaths on the job than an average American worker. These deaths are mostly caused by falling trees, which makes loggers hope that the trees fall where they’re supposed to and not on them.