25 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

9. Deep Sea Fishermen

With 118 fatalities per 100,000 workers, the BLS ranks deep sea fishing as one of the most fatality-ridden jobs in the world. Forget about rugged individuals and sea captains with bushy beards as these fishermen are always portrayed on television, deep sea fishing is infinitely far more dangerous than is shown.

Winds at the sea are often so strong that they can toast the entire fishing crew into the deep waters with not even a little chance of survival. In addition to facing extremely adverse weather, the fishermen have to work for many days with the target of capturing deep sea creatures such as dolphins, whales, puffer fish, and yes sharks that are far much deadly and sometimes bigger than the vessel itself! The vessel may also capsize and that’s even without taking into consideration the fact that heavy machinery that are used and can cause crippling injuries should an accident occur.

Deep sea fishing may offer fantastic feats of visual satisfaction and harvests, but be ready to face the probability of death by drowning, being crushed by heavy fishing equipment or worst still, face death as a result of being attacked by a vicious deep sea creature.