25 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

2. Alligator Wrestlers and Lion Tamers

Earning a living as an alligator wrestler or a lion tamer sounds terrifying, right? Well, it’s surely one of the most terrifying and deadly jobs any man/woman can do. Imagine trying to wrestler a creature with one of the strongest jaws in the world or worst still, trying to tame and work with the most dangerous carnivore in the universe.

Wrestling with an alligator can be exciting, but it’s very dangerous. In an alligator-wrestling competition, wrestlers are expected to place their heads between the jaws of a real alligator for a given period of time. The dangers involved are just too obvious. In terms of taming and playing with a lion, one toys with the instincts of such a vicious creature and only risk nothing but instant attacks. These jobs may involve high adrenaline but when calamity strikes, it strikes real hard.