25 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

20. Smokejumpers

The work of a smokejumper basically revolves around jumping out of a flying plane and on to the fire on the ground below. In most cases, they do not land in the fire below but in some rare cases, they accidentally fall into trees; thus getting seriously hurt in the process.

Even though they have heavy suits to shield them from trees, sometimes it becomes very difficult to help them in the event of an accident since help is like to come many hours later. This is because smokejumpers are often deployed to extremely remote areas, especially areas where normal firefighters cannot access. There may be deliberate precautions and procedures before it’s decided that it’s safe for a smokejumper to jump a particular fire, however, that still doesn’t make it a less hazardous occupation. Notable smokejumper disasters such as the Mann Gulch Fire in 1949, which claimed the lives of 13 smokejumpers, should tell the whole story.