Delta Rolls Out New Uniforms from Zac Posen

Delta has updated their uniforms for the first time in over ten years. Pilots and flight attendants are sporting new designs, new fabrics, and a new color. The was designed by Zac Posen after three years of consultation and design, resulting in an aircrew that’s ready for the runway – in both senses of the word.

New uniforms have been a long time coming for Delta employees. “Above-wing” crew like pilots and flight attendants have been wearing the same red, white, and navy uniforms since 2006. “Below-wing” crew like maintenance and baggage handlers have worn the same duds since 2000!

Delta recognized the need for new uniforms and brought in Zac Posen to craft a unique look that would stand out in crowded airports. Posen shadowed dozens of Delta employees over the past three years to learn what they needed in the cabin, the cockpit, and “below the wing.” He selected stain-proof, four-way stretch fabrics made from silk, wool, and poly blends with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties ideal for air travel. To give Delta crew a distinctive appearance that stood out from other airline crews, Posen designed a new color, a mixture of Delta’s old navy and red hues, dubbed Passport Plum.

Posen’s effort harkens back to the “Golden Age of Air Travel,” when top fashion designers competed to outfit flight crews in glamorous designs. That said, Delta’s new uniforms blend form and function. Delta’s previous livery felt stately and we’re not sure how we feel about “Passport Plum.” Check out Delta’s new look when on your next trip through a busy airport and see if you can spot Passport Plum in a crowd.