Elon Musk Makes $5 Million With Boring Company Flamethrower

Billionaire businessman, real-life Tony Stark, and part-time electric car salesman Elon Musk made millions selling pre-orders for the Boring Company Flamethrower over the weekend—a $500 toy that is more like a cigarette lighter strapped to a Nerf gun.

Musk revealed the unusual piece of corporate swag on Saturday to drum up interest in the Boring Company, the latest venture from the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. The Boring Company is supposed to drill tunnels under major cities to ease congestion. (It’s really not going to happen any time soon.) The Boring Company Flamethrower has nothing to do with drilling, tunnels, or boring, but it seems to thrill the billionaire—judging from his enthusiastic social media blasts with his new toy: “I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one. Unless you like fun.” Sure, Elon.

Musk proceeded to sell 10,000 orders for the “flamethrower” by Monday, worth approximately $5 million. That’s a sight better than the previous round of swag for The Boring Company, 5,000 humdrum hats for around twenty bucks a pop. If the company sells the planned run of 20,000 devices they will raise $10 million for…drilling really big tunnels under Los Angeles, we guess.

While the device looks like it belongs in Destiny, Musk tweeted that the short range of the flame means that the product does not violate any ATF standards—again, this is more like a blowtorch than a flamethrower. Flamethrowers literally hurl a stream of flammable liquid so that farmers, soldiers, or pyrotechnicians can set things on fire from several meters away. They’re dangerous and powerful. The Boring Company “Flamethrower” does not throw liquid fire. It’s a giant cigarette lighter in a large case that looks like a gun.

Please don’t try to light any cigarettes with this thing, or point it in the direction of a law enforcement officer while yelling “This doesn’t violate any ATF regulations!” for that matter. It won’t end well, unless you’re a billionaire.

Well, go have some fun kids.