25 Most Luxurious Yachts In The World

#15 – The Rising Sun – $200 Million

The Rising Sun makes its way to #15, and it costs 1/5 of a million dollars. With this amount of money, you could buy 1,058 middle-class homes in the United States or a 350-acre private island off the coast of Nova Scotia, with a couple of million dollars to spare.

For Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation, and for David Geffen, an American movie executive and a producer, both decided to splurge on this by sharing the cost together.

The Rising Sun is the eleventh longest yacht in the world with a length of 453 feet. It has 82 rooms which are incorporated over five levels of this yacht. This yacht is so awesome and big that it even has a basketball court on its front deck. The court can also be turned into a helipad if there happened to be a need for doing so.

Written by Harry Steinman

At the age of 18, Harry started a 5-year adventure to explore Southeast Asia and India. He has studied Eastern medicine and the art of yoga throughout his travels with the hopes of one day opening a holistic wellness and yoga center in North America. He's a lifelong learner and has the desire to share his findings with the rest of the world.