25 Most Expensive and Luxurious Clothing Brands

Since the ice age humans have been intrested in covering themselves in fashionable ways. As we have evolved so too has our taste and what is viewed as functional and practical.  What was modern a decade ago is no longer fashionable. So we’ll create something new and it too will quickly be regarded as out of style. Is there some kind of fashion god that dictates what is popular? The answer is – no. So who dictates what we like or think is cool? – Brands.

These companies design, produce and sell clothing – shirts, T-shirts, jeans, pants, suits, skirts and dresses they do it all. Everything has a price, food, cosmetics, real estate, some are affordable while others make your head spin. The clothing brands with reasonable prices are called “high-street” brands while brands that sell their products with hefty price tags are called “high-end” brands.

The clothing a person wears doesn’t dictate their character, however it does dictate their social status. That’s why the wealthy buy high-end clothing, to show off that status. In this list, we feature some of the most expensive and luxurious brands your rich neighbors and friends buy. Now let’s dive into the world the Most Expensive and Luxurious Clothing Brands:

#25 – Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is owned by the daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney. Fans of the band had hoped that Stella would turn to music like her father she had other plans, gravitating to fashion at a young age.

At only thirteen years, Stella designed her first jacket!  Stella McCartney came to life after Stella had graduated from a fashion school. What is interesting about the clothes Stella McCartney designs is that they don’t contain any material derived from animals, yep no fur or leather and still luxurious. The average price of Stella McCartney’s clothing is between $400-500.