Summer is Almost Here, and that means Watermelon Pizza is Back!

Summer is just around the corner—really, the end of May feels like the beginning of August this year! There’s no doubt that summer is our favorite season for fashion, travel, and food! (Mmm, Frappuccinos.) One cool treat that’s stirred up foodies is the watermelon pizza, but the idea has a few purists up in arms.

The concept is simple: take a circular slice of watermelon, cut it into wedges, and serve with toppings. You can create savoury or sweet “pizzas” using a variety of delicious fixings. Our favorites? Try watermelon with mint leaves, bocconcini, and a balsamic drizzle. For desert, try watermelon with Greek yogurt, honey, and fresh berries. Just don’t cut the watermelon too thin—you need a thick wedge that won’t break or fall apart. Watermelon pizza is perfect for picnics, potlucks, barbecues, and beach days. It’s the perfect ratio of flavor to effort and is an easy way to impress your friends.

While we like the idea, pizza purists are frustrated that a fresh fruit has co-opted the noble title of “pizza.” It’s true, it’s not a pizza—not even close. Even if you can put almost anything on top, pizza necessitates dough. Pizza brings out strong feelings. The only similarity is the shape and the idea of “toppings.” It’s more like a fruit arrangement or even a reverse fruit salad.

Whether or not this is a pizza or a fruit salad, it’s cool, juicy, and fun.