French Bulldogs Are Cute, but it’s Not Worth the Pain for Our Dogs

French bulldogs are adorable and popular pets. Celebrities like Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Chrissy Teigen, and Reese Witherspoon have been spotted with Frenchies. Unfortunately, French bulldogs pay a high price for their cute features. French bulldogs haves tons of health problems and are particularly susceptible to suffocation. Just last week, a French bulldog called Kokito suffocated to death in the overhead compartment of an airplane en route from Houston to New York.

Kokito’s death was a tragedy. The innocent puppy should never have been placed in the overhead bin and there was no reason that Kokito should have died! But this a sad reminder that this breed of dog is particularly vulnerable to stress and breathing problems. French bulldogs are “brachycephalic,” which means they have flattened craniums. Their wide heads and squashed features give them numerous breathing issues. That’s just the start. Most suffer from many health problems for their whole lives.

French bulldogs have been selected for kissable features that, in fact, cause them pain and suffering. They might look cute when they are puppies, but as adults these dogs are often in pain and require expensive surgeries, drugs, and medical treatments. It’s time we acknowledge that breeding French bulldogs is unethical. If you truly love dogs, you don’t want them to live in constant pain.

Don’t buy a French bulldog just because they’re cute. If you want a dog, think about adoption instead.