Your Face Needs A Travel Mask After a Long Flight

Travel is an incredible privilege and an amazing experience, but it does come at a cost. It’s not just the money required for plane tickets, accommodations, clothes, food, events, and shopping. Travel is hard on your body, especially if you’re trapped on a long-haul flight! So treat your skin right with a rejuvenating travel mask.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many travelers arrive at their destination eager to post their journey on Instagram and discover that they have dry, puffy, red, or cracked skin! Your skin is the part of your body that takes the initial brunt of any travel-related fatigue. Stress, exhaustion, dehydration, and grime are all hard on your epidermis.

A long flight exposes your skin to some seriously dry air. If your skin is dry and irritated after a long flight, we’ve got you covered. Try a hydrating facemask. Most people only think to use a hydrating face musk during the winter (it’s often called a winter facemask), but a travel mask takes aim at the same issue: super dry air. After you arrive at your hotel or other accommodations, use a winter mask to rehydrate your skin. Pro tip: use a mask with ceramides to help retain moisture.

If you’re also suffering from clogged pores try a charcoal facemask. Clean out the travel stress-induced oil buildup and any grime from exposure to cabs, Ubers, airplanes, and airports.

Once you’ve used one of these travel masks, you’re ready to start celebrating your travel experiences on Instagram!