Meghan Markle’s New Titles Comes With a Lot of Royal Rules

Meghan Markle’s new title comes with a few strings attached. Now that the wedding is over and Meghan Markle is an official member of the Royal Family—the Duchess of Sussex—her real work begins. Living in a real palace and marrying a prince comes with a list of rules. Here’s what Meghan Markle will be giving up to live out her life as a princess.

Give Up Her Job

Meghan Markle has cut short her acting career to join the Royal Family. The television star wrapped up her role on Suits after seven years. She has no more projects on her docket, so it seems clear she’s already retired. We have no doubt that, had she not married Prince Harry, Meghan would have moved on to bigger projects in the future. To be fair, Meghan Markle is switching careers rather than giving up her job. She can focus on her charitable work as a member of the Royal Family with an even bigger profile than before.

No More Social Media

Have you noticed how any news about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry comes from @KensingtonRoyal? Meghan Markle has closed her social media accounts, including her Instagram and her fashion blog The Tig. Members of the Royal Family don’t have their own social media accounts—which is probably a relief—and don’t share pictures of their personal lives—which is a little disappointing for the rest of us.

Royal Fashion Tips

Being a representative of the Royal Family dicates how you can dress in public, and Meghan Markle’s going to have to follow a few fashion rules that the rest of us don’t! For one, no more Little Black Dress. Royals aren’t supposed to wear black during the day as black is for mourning. They are supposed to wear bright colors instead, making it easy to identify a member of the Royal Family at a crowded event, and wear national colors when they visit a friendly host nation. Meghan might also want to follow a few suggestions from her sister-in-law, even if they aren’t rules: wear sensible shoes (she’s going to do a lot of standing), work with British designers, and no sleeveless dresses or short skirts!

It’s not easy representing The Crown—but if Meghan Markle wanted to go shopping in her sweats, she would have stayed in California. Being a princess is more than a title, it’s a big job.