25 most Innovative Revolutionary Technologies of 2017

#8 – Life after death

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Of course, it is not about cloning bodies, but rather the creation of a virtual digital identity, based on the written data package left after,who deceased. And yes, in principle, so, can enliven all, and it turns out that the digital life after death depends on how active you are now on the Internet.

The concept is called “augmented eternity”, and she has a whole movement, which aims with the help of artificial intelligence to transform the digital imprint of the human in the digital identity. This digital imprint is able to answer questions, participate in discussions, and in any other way to simulate the individual conversational style.

Dr. Hossein Rakhnamo of the MIT Media Lab wants to make this opportunity a reality. Together with researchers from the University of Ryerson Rakhnamo describes its goal as “bridging the gap between life and death with the help of the translation in the eternity of our digital identity.”