25 most Innovative Revolutionary Technologies of 2017

#24 – Crash proof cars

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Automobiles on a whole becoming more intelligent. Autonomous technologies are helping speed this up. It’s through these new technologies that Volvo aims to have zero deaths in its cars, not including when people drive carelessly and end up causing their own deaths.  Thanks to the implementation of the new tech conventional driving will become much safer. This is where things get more futuristic.

Cameras will also be used to watch for pedestrians in the vicinity of the vehicle. This is similar to the technology that is used in self-driving cars to identify potential obstacles on the road. The driver can be alerted if a person is in the car’s path and the brake can be automatically applied. In addition to people, cameras can be used to spot large animals in the roadway. For example, moose are common in Volvo’s home territory, and they’ll really mess your car up. Volvo has created a system that can act to avoid colliding with such a critter, saving both you and it

Volvo has already implemented some smart features. When all the tech is put to use it will become a lot harder to end get in a fatal accident. Adaptive cruise control allows you to set a maximum speed, using radar to keep a safe distance from other cars, even braking when needed. Full collision avoidance is the next step. If there is danger the driver will be warned and if no action is taken within a sufficient amount of time the car will take over and brake or steer the car to safety.