25 most Innovative Revolutionary Technologies of 2017

#4 – Floating house

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This futuristic vessel was designed by an Italian company Jet Capsule, specializing in the production of mini-yachts. The floating structure looks like a space object, namely, the planet Saturn. The two-story vessel, which have called UFO (Unidentified Floating Object), has a diameter of 12.5 m, a garden and jogging track on the “deck”, desalination of sea water, hydro and wind generators, hydro abrasive propelled motor that runs on solar-powered. Maximum travel speed is less than 6.5 km / h. Each hemisphere is made of durable fiberglass. In the upper level there are living room and kitchen, as well as ship management system. The section that rests under the surface is the master bedroom with panoramic window to observe for underwater life and a bathrooms. The interior space is developed individually based on specific customer requests. Currently the developers are looking for investors for the creation of the first working prototype.