Worried About Your Dog on a Long Flight? Try a Pet “Baby Monitor”

Traveling with pets is a nightmare. It’s a stressful process for both pets and owners. It’s even worse when your pet is locked in a crate and put in the cargo hold! Thankfully, there are a few companies working on ways to keep pets and owners connected on long flights. Basically, it’s a high-tech baby monitor for your furry friend!

Security technology company Unisys unveiled the “Digi-Pet” safety system at this year’s Cargo World Congres of the International Air Transport Association in Dallas. Digi-Pet uses wireless sensors to monitor pets in the cargo hold and then connect them with their owners to keep animals safe. The sensors monitor temperature, oxygen, light, and vibrations. The device can send the owner and the airline an emergency alert if something goes wrong. Owners can even talk to their pet over live video streaming using an app for smartphone and tablets—although this particular features will only be available with a subscription. That said, it’s a great way to check on your pets and reassure any “nervous flyers,” i.e. all cats and dogs!

Check out  Digi-Pet™ – Ensure safe pet transport from Unisys Corp on Vimeo to learn more!