You Can Now Rent Your Own Giant Mecha Suit

Sakakibara Machinery Works Co. is a Japanese robotics company that has spent an incredible amount of time developing working robot-suits straight from movies like “Pacific Rim.” Their latest mecha is the LW-Mononofu: a 27.8-foot high, 16,314-pound machine with a single pilot that you can rent for parties and public events.

Sakakibara’s engineers have lifted the look and design for their giant mecah straight from anime and manga like “Gundam.” It’s the third mecha from the robotics firm, which deployed their first giant robot in 2005. The first suit, Landwalker, was built in 2005. The pilot could shoot tennis balls from a giant toy cannon. The second suit, Walker Cyclops, was built specifically for pint-sized pilots and deployed at children’s parties for maximum fun. For children raised on anime or movies featuring giant mecha, Sakakibara’s machines are a dream come true.

The latest suit, the LW-Mononofu, is even larger and heavier than the previous models. Take a look at this mega-sized adult toy in action in this video from Sakakibara. We’ll admit that the seat doesn’t look comfortable or that the armor looks particularly resilient, but it does look like fun for a few hours.