25 Safest and Luxurious Airlines You Will Love To Use To Travel

Traveling is what most people love to do. If they could, many people would spend the rest of their lives traveling to foreign lands. It is always beneficial for you to travel – Doing so can lead to a decrease stress and an increase in creativity. But travel comes at a price and coupled with that price is the choice of what airline will take you to your destination. When people travel short distances the choice is generally pretty easy; do I take a car? Or do I take a bus? But, when someone from France plans a trip to the United States, A plane is the only logical option. Airplanes are at the moment the most popular and most used means of transport in the world.

But, for the majority of people, flying in the airplane is rarely a comfortable experience. Overcrowded flights, crying babies, tasteless airline food, and irritating flight attendants can all make the flying experience seem like an ordeal rather than the magical event it was meant to be. And after all, we all are flying through the air in a giant metal bird, which is nerve racking enough and thus should be as relaxing as it can. But, traveling in an airplane doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable drag. In this list, we will feature some of the most luxurious and safest airlines in the world – airlines which will make traveling by an airplane much more than just a pleasurable and relaxing traveling experience.

#25 – United Airlines

United Airlines was expanded after a merger with Continental Airlines in the year of 2010, and it takes the 25th place on our list. United Airlines’ “Global First” has 2 meter long suites which are able to recline into full beds and include a duvet and various meals. But, you will consider United Airlines a budget airline when you see how luxurious some of the other airlines on our list are. Let’s move on to #24.